When we dreamed up the idea for Abby&Edna, it was just that, an idea. We had (and still have) countless conversations about what we thought the food world was missing and how we could bring about change, even when we didn’t have an exact blueprint. So we decided to just start — we started working, researching, and evaluating what we wanted to see in the food world, and we came up with a few top priorities:

First, we knew we wanted to amplify diverse voices and stories — people whose perspectives aren’t typically considered. Second, we wanted to get back to the root of recipes, showcasing flavors and ingredients in a more approachable way. Third, we wanted to bring people back around the dinner table.

We couldn’t think of a better way to showcase these priorities than with an intimate dinner party amongst some of our closest friends, those who have been supporting us since Abby&Edna was merely an idea. Before we officially launched, we gathered around an impeccably decorated dinner table to celebrate, share stories, and fellowship over the little idea we are finally bringing to life.

Take a look at some of our favorite memories from the night below.

-Cortni & Jailyn